Steps to Complete

Gathering Information

If you’re interested and would like more information that you could not find on this webpage, or to talk to an advisor, please visit a member of our advising staff during our drop in hours on Zoom.  These informal advising opportunities are offered every Monday - Thursday, all of our advisors are well versed in the Certificate and happy to help you talk through your questions. 

Declaring Intent

If you are planning to complete the Certificate, please submit the Intent to Complete the Certificate form in our application system, info ready. This is a simple step but essential to getting you in our pipeline tracker so we can be sure to follow up with you at crucial moments in the Certificate such as when you need to apply to Capstone (3 reflective essays due at the end of the spring semester prior to starting Capstone in the fall) and when you have to submit your final Certificate Portfolio (culmination of your Certificate and Capstone work submitted just before your graduate). It is a short form and is not binding if you decide later not to complete the Certificate — it will help us get you set up with a designated Certificate advisor, ensure you get your paperwork into the registrar, and generally is the first step to registering as a Certificate in Civic Leadership student.

Working with your Advisor

After these initial steps, your Certificate Advisor will keep you apprised of any steps you need to complete and support you in identifying opportunities to satisfy any remaining Certificate in Civic Leadership requirements. 


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