Faculty and Mentors In the Fellowship Process

Faculty and other mentors play a pivotal role in the development of students, their awareness of fellowship opportunities, and in the success of their applications. When students tell their stories in fellowship applications and to their mentors as they prepare to apply, we have the opportunity to learn more about their goals, the challenges they have faced, and the impact of the experiences we were essential parts of. We hope to support you as you help students identify the many opportunities available to them and as you write letters of support for their applications. Please let us know what additional resources would be helpful to you.

Learn more about the fellowship application process

Rice's Faculty Committee on Scholarships and Awards reviews and selects candidates for internal awards and institutional nominations for national fellowships. The CCL coordinates that process and advises student applicants. Learn more about that process

Faculty Committee on Fellowships and Awards

The committee that selects students for internal awards and nominates or endorses students for external awards is made up of faculty from across the university selected each year by the advice of the Faculty Senate and appointed by the President. The committee's membership is updated yearly.  

Learn more about specific fellowships

For more information on the Rice internal awards and external awards requiring institutional nominations, please look over our brochure. If you are looking for more information on a fellowship that is not listed here, please contact us directly (danika@rice.edu) and we'd be happy to consult with you.

Advice for writing Letters of Recommendation

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If you think a student should be exploring these fellowships and would like to indicate your support of their pursuing a fellowship, please nominate them here and a CCL advisor will reach out to them and encourage them to apply. Students often underestimate their qualifications for these awards or don't even know they exist. Your nomination can be the nudge they need to access advising resources and find opportunities they would otherwise never have considered. You can submit a nomination for "Fellowships in General" if you are not sure which fellowships the student is eligible for. We will contact the student and discuss the resources and process with them.

Contact Us About Fellowships

If you have questions or would like additional information, or would like to schedule someone to speak to your students and colleagues about fellowships, please email Kelsey Ullom at keu1@rice.edu 


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