The CCL works directly with undergraduate students in a variety of experiential learning opportunities that take them into the community where they apply the skills they are gaining at Rice in justice-based engaged activities. We know that faculty and courses are the most influential and important factors for student success and that student experiences in your courses activate their passion for understanding and acting in the world.

The CCL seeks to support all faculty creating powerful learning opportunities and contributing to the public good through their research activities because we see the value such experiences have for both students and faculty. Civic and community engaged learning and research reinvigorates and democratizes disciplinary knowledge, contributes to a sense of collective action, and makes meaningful contributions to our communities.

We have and continue to develop robust resources and partnerships with faculty in different areas. As we continue to develop resources, your feedback is valuable. Please fill out the Civic and Community Engaged Learning and Research Survey.

Our staff has considerable expertise in engaged pedagogies, experiential learning, critical reflections, and civic curricula. We support faculty through:

  • Funding for engaged course support
  • Principles for Community-based Learning and Civic Engagement in Courses
  • Coming Soon: 4th Credit Hour Option- Integrated Community Engagement for Academic Credit
  • Consultation for syllabus and assignment design including assessment
  • Community Partnership principles, best practices, and networks 
  • Tailored curriculum resources for civic engagement, critical reflection, and ethical engagement with communities on request 

In addition to staff support, we have sponsored a Faculty Learning Community with Dr. Chase Lesane Brown: Creating Equitable and Inclusive Community-Based Learning Outcomes, Faculty Learning Community Hosted by Chase Lesane Brown, Spring 2023 

Support for Engaged Research and Public Scholarship

At the heart of the mission of the university is the production of knowledge and research activities. We invite you to explore how scholarship can have direct impact for and be re-invigorated by the participation of broader community partners.

  • Principles, Models, and Resources for Community Engaged Research
  • Consultation on engaged research design
  • Connections to community partners relevant to research questions
  • Forums and symposia for sharing public implications of research
  • Funded undergraduate and student engagement in and contributions to faculty research through programs like Houston Action Research Teams (HART)

Supporting Your Students in Finding Fellowships and Funding

Faculty and other mentors play a pivotal role in the development of students, their awareness of fellowship opportunities, and in the success of their applications. When students tell their stories in fellowship applications and to their mentors as they prepare to apply, we have the opportunity to learn more about their goals, the challenges they have faced, and the impact of the experiences we were essential parts of. We hope to support you as you help students identify the many opportunities available to them and as you write letters of support for their applications. Please let us know what additional resources would be helpful to you.

  • Learn more about the fellowship nomination and awards process
  • The Faculty Committee on Scholarships and Award appointed by the President, works closely with the CCL to vet applications and meet with students to understand their goals
  • Learn more about specific fellowships and resources available on our Fellowships Canvas Page
  • Nominate your students - if you think a student should be exploring these fellowships and would like to indicate your support of their pursuing a fellowship, please Nominate Them Here and a CCL advisor will reach out to them and encourage them to apply
  • Advice for writing Letters of Recommendations [coming soon] 

Graduate Student Development and Leadership

  • Graduate students are trained to support Houston Action Research Teams (HART) in engaged research
  • Graduate students may access all Fellowship Advising resources and are eligible to apply for some fellowships (such as Fulbright, Boren, Amici) ** please note that the Wagoner fellowship for graduate students is handled by Graduate Studies
  • Graduate Training in Community Based Learning and Engaged Research is currently under our Civic Rice Curricular Resources Canvas Page. Formal training and credentialing coming soon

CCL Research and Scholarship on Civic and Community Engagement

The staff in the CCL maintain an active scholarship and research agenda around our work. Currently, we are developing scholarship around co-education with community and faculty partners, student programming in community engagement to promote a sense of belonging for transition into college, and centering social justice and community building in faculty engagement for institutional change and faculty sense of purpose.


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