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Houston Action Research Team (HART) projects are developed through collaboration between Rice University’s Center for Civic Leadership and Houston community partners. The program brings together a team of skilled and motivated Rice undergraduates representing a range of academic fields to develop creative responses to complex civic questions and community challenges. The experience provides students with knowledge, skills, and opportunities to: apply classroom learning to real world issues, learn from teammates and community partners, identify and work towards solutions to civic problems, and communicate ideas effectively to various stakeholders.

HART will challenge you to think about your project in terms of how it affects society and public policy as well as how it influences your personal growth, providing a unique interdisciplinary research experience with policy implications while working on behalf of community partners.

In addition to being a paid research opportunity, specific benefits of the HART program include:

  • Involvement in shaping policy through evidenced based research
  • Experience similar to what you would find working as a consultant or analyst where stakeholders are vested in the quality of work as well as the outcome
  • Developing close and lasting relationships with community partners, Rice staff, faculty and other students

Contact : Dr. Alan Steinberg,