Job Description

CCL Ambassador Job Description

Each ambassador will work 50 hours per semester (maximum) supporting CCL programs and initiatives determined by the ambassador cohort in collaboration with CCL Staff.  Duties include:

Representation and Recruitment

  • Organize "Meet the CCL" opportunities at key program recruitment times
  • Advertise specific opportunities through colleges and other appropriate mechanisms (social media, student orgs, etc.)
  • Speak at informational fairs and sessions about program experiences and benefits

Serve as a Peer Advisor in the area of civic leadership development and opportunities

  • Provide cohort-based advising to Learn-Level CCL groups (i.e. Civic Immersion participants looking for next steps once on campus, or ASB groups post-program)
  • Support the roll-out of REAL Planning and holistic CCL advising approach through publicity, feedback, and implementation through Learn Level group advising
  • Host application advising sessions for program applicants
  • Meet as needed with students new tot he CCL looking for an initial connection

Collaborate with and provide student perspective to the CCL staff

Ambassadors serve as a primary contact point for CCL staff to connect with students and are called on often to offer feedback and the perspective of the Rice student body in regards to new initiatives, programmatic ideas, or challenges facing the center and Rice.  This may look like:

  • Ambassadors identifying an area of growth for the center and engaging in a discussion and action planning with the staff around said area
  • Staff bringing pieces of curriculum and/or broader areas for growth to the cohort for input and collaboration
  • Ambassadors supporting assessment efforts (i.e. helping organize and/or facilitate student focus groups)

Direct program support

At the beginning of each semester, CCL staff will bring forward to ambassadors an overview of programmatic priorities for the center, identifying what type of support each program or initiative may need.  Based on interest and experiences, ambassadors will form small working groups (2-3 people, generally) for each priority area and work with staff to support those programs throughout the semester.  Support tasks may include:

  • Organizing and hosting informational sessions
  • Providing feedback on and/or co-facilitating portions of the curriculum
  • Organizing and hosting program events (i.e. All-ASB meeting, Loewenstern post-experience workshops)
  • Participate in interview committees
  • Serve as mentor to program cohorts

Organize (on a rotating basis) and attend weekly ambassador cohort meetings

  • Meetings will be both informational and workshop-style such that the cohort may have voice in shaping CCL programs and events as needed from CCL staff
  • Meetings will be at a mutually agreed-upon time and will cycle through meeting spaces in PDRs and the CCL (or happen on Zoom)


In order to be considered for the ambassador position, please prepare: 

  • a current resume (tailored to the ambassador position) and
  • a one-page statement of interest, in cover letter format.

Your statement of interest should describe:

  • why you are interested in becoming a student ambassador in the Center for Civic Leadership, 
  • what you would contribute to the position, and 
  • how you hope to grow and develop as a civic leader through this opportunity. 

Be sure to address each of the four major areas of the role (representation and recruitment, peer advising, collaboration with staff, and direct program support). 

Feel free to address which programs or focus areas (i.e. LRME and diversity, equity, and inclusion) you’re most interested in working with and why.

Please combine your Resume and Statement of Interest into a single PDF file and upload it with the following format: "Lastname_Firstname_CCLAmbassador"

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Applications are due Monday, April 4th by 11:59pm CST.



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