Becoming an

Mission: To strengthen existing, and build new, relationships between Center for Civic Leadership staff and the Rice student body in order to better connect students with resources and opportunities for civic leadership.

Program Description: The CCL Student Ambassadors will serve as liaisons between the CCL staff and the Rice student body. As such, they will help promote CCL programming, recruit students for our various opportunities, and convey student interests and concerns (as related to the CCL mission) to our staff. Ambassadors will be involved in the following activities:

  • Representing the CCL alongside staff members at information fairs and sessions
  • Independently representing the CCL as both individuals and as a cohort through the residential colleges and social media platforms
  • Collaborating with the CCL staff in the following ways:
    • Work on designated programs as student coordinators/representatives with support and supervision from designated CCL staff
    • Be present as needed in the Center for ambassador-related tasks
    • Offer student perspective to CCL staff planning and development as needed
  • Participation in interview committees for assigned programs
  • Mentor LEARN level students

In addition to these initial roles, student ambassadors will be supported in initiating other programs or roles that will further serve the student-outreach and engagement mission of the ambassador program.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Hone leadership skills including communication, strategic-planning, and facilitation
  • Further develop self-awareness of personal and professional competencies through reflection, feedback, and professional development planning
  • Further develop understanding of different modes of civic engagement and impact
  • Gain insight into the organizational and human resource functions of a professional office


  • Participation in at least one LEARN and ACT level program (or equivalent experience as determined by CCL staff)
  • Commitment to spending 50 hrs per semester working on CCL projects and tasks
  • Understanding of CCL values and a willingness to learn more about CCL programs, structure, and goals
  • Interest in, and commitment to, professional development and growth as a civic leader
  • Interest in, and commitment to, the growth and development of the CCL to better achieve its mission of fostering civic leadership


  • Access to travel funds for one related conference or program annually
    • Proposal/application process to access these fees (have to demonstrate why said conference will be beneficial to you, the ambassador program, and the CCL)
    • Ambassadors are encouraged to identify conferences and workshops on their own, however, the program coordinator will also make an effort to identify potential opportunities
  • Compensated for work with hourly wage ($10/hr)
  • Opportunity to develop professional skills while working closely with CCL staff member(s)
  • Opportunity to work collaboratively with CCL staff and represent the Rice student body in CCL processes of program development, management, and decision-making
  • Opportunity to represent the CCL and its programs on campus and in the community

Supervisor Roles:

  • General Ambassador Supervisor (Morgan Kinney)
    • Provide accountability and support to all ambassadors for general CCL-related duties (i.e. tables at informational fairs, PDR workshops/meals, publicity, etc.)
    • Organize and set agenda for monthly meetings
  • Program-specific Supervisors
    • Provide accountability for all program-specific duties
    • Support ambassadors in professional development goals
    • Communicate consistently with ambassadors regarding program-specific endeavors
    • Intentionally include ambassadors when possible and appropriate in program processes and development (i.e. curriculum development, interview processes, piloting new ideas or events, etc.)
    • Type of involvement may vary by program and ambassador interest, but it is the program supervisor's responsibility to be open and communicative about the opportunities for ambassador involvement

Questions? E-mail Morgan Kinney, Staff Advisor of the CCL Ambassador Program, at