Post Graduate Research

Post Graduate Research Fellowships

Fulbright Research

The Fulbright Scholarship provides financial support for independent research in a single country. Fulbright Research requires a host affiliation with a university, nonprofit, research center, based on the country specific requirements. Fulbright Research is available in over 140 countries, and the grant typically lasts 9 to 10 months in duration.

Gaither Junior Fellows

Through the program, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace offers approximately 12-14 one-year fellowships to uniquely qualified graduating seniors and recent alumni. Gaither Junior Fellows spend one year working as research assistants to Carnegie’s senior scholars in the following fields. · Democracy, Conflict, and Governance · U.S. Foreign Policy and Diplomacy · Nuclear Policy · Technology and International Affairs/Cyber Policy · Middle East · South Asia · China (Asia Program) · Japan (Asia Program) · Economics (Asia Program) · Russia and Eurasia · Geoeconomics and Strategy

Wagoner Foreign Study Scholarship

The Wagoner Foreign Study Scholarship, founded by Rice alumnus James T. Wagoner ('29), provides students and alumni with the opportunity to conduct research abroad for a minimum of eight weeks and up to one year. A research project may be combined simultaneously with the advanced study of a language (400 level or above); or an introductory level of languages not offered at Rice. Funding is available up to $20,000 per award (Note: funding is considered taxable income). The Wagoner only supports university enrollment when it is required to get a visa in the host country.

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