Urban Immersion/
Civic Owlets 

Applications for the 2022 Site Leader position will open in December 2021.

Urban Immersion and Civic Owlets are annual summer programs coordinated by the CCL that introduce incoming students (both pre-freshmen and transfers) to the principles of civic leadership, ethical community engagement, and to the City of Houston with the guiding mission of fostering the growth of informed and passionate advocates for social justice. Urban Immersion is an in-person immersive opportunity wherein students live and learn together in Houston for a week in July, while Civic Owlets offers a fully virtual experience designed to maximize access for a diverse range of incoming students.

Both programs are planned and executed by a team of undergraduate student leaders in collaboration with local community partners and under the guidance of CCL staff. The guiding elements of the program include education, community-based learning, critical service, and reflection. For a more detailed program description, visit ccl.rice.edu.

Click the following link to preview the application: How to Apply

Dates held : Spring & Summer
Funding : Site Leaders will be compensated with a $900 stipend for the summer
Eligibility : Open to all students
CCL Staff : Chasmine Anderson (cda7@rice.edu)

Our student ambassadors are happy to answer your questions!
CCL Student Ambassadors : Sarah Swackhamer (sws5@rice.edu); Emily Weaver (ebw1@rice.edu)