Our talented Creative Services team of designers, writers, editors and photographers serve the Rice community by producing a wide spectrum of print and electronic communications designed to meet your intended goals. Our staff views communications in a strategic, integrated and results-oriented way so that you can make full use of all available print and electronic resources to reach your targeted audience. Because of that, our communications products have a consistent message, look and feel and stand out from the crowd with the quality and creativity that reflects and serves this great university.

Meeting Rice Brand Standards

Rice University has established a set of identity standards to ensure that the institution protects its iconic images and presents itself to its stakeholders in a high-quality, consistent and impactful way. Our identity standards tell the world that “this is Rice,” a premier university that cares about its image and reputation. When you work with us, your final product will meet the standards set forth by the university.

Writing Guidelines

Rice University uses Associated Press style guidelines to establish consistent messaging in all printed and electronic communications. We strive to produce a final product that is error-free and succinctly communicates with your intended audience. It’s our job to ensure that your project is consistent with these writing guidelines. We are always willing to answer writing style questions and offer AP style workshops to help staff hone their skills. To obtain a free online subscription to the AP Stylebook, please contact News and Media Relations at 713-348-6774.

An Example of Our Work

Our staff is responsible for producing the quarterly flagship publication for the university, Rice Magazine. For a print copy, you can stop by our offices, located in Allen Center, suite 200, Public Affairs.

Services Provided

Creative Services does not charge for our professional services. Any outside costs, such as printing, is, however, paid by the client. Those expenses are managed by Creative Services and estimates are obtained for approval before committing any budgetary resources. Communication project requests should be submitted to the director of Creative Services for consideration. A decision to take on a project is based primarily on scheduling, and prospective clients should plan as far in advance as possible. A typical project can take three to eight weeks from start to completion, depending on the project’s complexity. For Creative Services to produce a project, the client must agree that the communication be properly branded by university standards and follow AP editing guidelines.  


Do you need help communicating your message? Working from client-provided, preapproved content, we will review and edit to create clear, concise and error-free copy. Effective editorial content is key in supporting your communication objectives.

Graphic Design

The visual representation for your project is just as important as your text. Our talented graphic designers can create eye-catching images to support your message. From banners and posters to programs and full-color brochures, we can create exactly what you need for your next lecture, conference or special event.


A picture is worth a thousand words. With our photographers, those scenes might even be worth a few thousand more. From dramatic building shots to athletic events to everyday campus life, our photographers visually tell Rice’s story. Schedule an appointment with one of our award-winning photographers for studio or on location projects. Hourly fees may apply. 

Requesting a Job

Creative Services is a resource for the entire Rice campus. If you have questions or need help with your communications needs, contact our office. We’re here to assist you.


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