Latest CCL Updates
(COVID-19 Situation)

3/12/2020 Update

Rice University will transition to fully remote instruction for all classes for the remainder of this semester, effective March 23.

Click the following link for more information: Message to Undergraduate Students – Classes Moving Online, Criteria for Remaining on Campus, IT Needs Assessment

3/5/2020 Update

ASB Follow Up: California
CCL continues to monitor the status of the coronavirus public health situation in each of the communities to which student trips plan to travel. California has now declared a state of emergency in regard to the epidemic.  In keeping with the goals and ethics of our programming, Alternative Spring Break groups will not be travelling to communities already enduring high stress and potentially scarce resources.

As such, the “From the Ground Up” environmental justice ASB trip previously scheduled to visit Sacramento over spring break will not be doing so and will instead hold their ASB in a new location. If you are on this trip, your site leaders will be reaching out with updates and next steps. Any other questions regarding ASB domestic travel may be directed to Morgan Kinney.

3/3/2020 Update

Dear Students in CCL-Sponsored Travel Programs,

In light of today’s message regarding restrictions on Rice international travel, we are writing to provide more detailed information on the current status of CCL spring break and summer travel programs. At present, Rice-sponsored domestic spring break and summer programs and international summer programs are still going. We are monitoring the CDC guidelines as well as federal and state recommendations closely so please be aware that our policies are likely to change as the situation evolves. Regardless of travel restrictions, we hope that students first and foremost see the educational value of trip planning, cohort building, and partnership engagement that has already occurred.  
International Travel

Wagoner, Loewenstern, Amici, and Zeff
CCL international travel already scheduled for summer 2020 and beyond is currently continuing as planned pending an official decision from the university stating otherwise. These programs include Loewenstern, Wagoner, Amici, and Zeff. Students cannot travel to countries on the Level 2 and 3 CDC travel advisories, and we are putting off the purchase of flights. 

Loewenstern and Amici students may opt to delay travel to Summer 2021 and Wagoner and Zeff students can amend travel timelines to conclude by August 2022. The CCL guarantees that all students, including graduates, will have funding available to pursue an amended timeline within the above constraints. 

Since the endowments restrict use of funds for international travel, we are exploring whether it would be legally permissible to provide students the option of using funds for a domestic alternative to their international programming, pending further travel advisories for domestic travel. While there is no guarantee that this option will be available, students are welcome to reconsider their project proposals. We will post an update on the availability of a domestic option once it becomes available.

Please follow-up with Fatima Raza regarding your preferred course of action by Friday, March 6.

Goliard, Brotzen, Gottschalk
At this time, we are delaying the selection process for the Goliard, Brotzen, and Arthur and Shelly Gottschalk travel grants for international travel. We will keep students and selection committee faculty updated as the situation unfolds. 

Domestic Travel

Given the recent announcement from the University, domestic spring break trips, including Alternative Spring Break, will continue until notified otherwise. Students may choose to opt out of their respective trip. Those who opt out will have housing available on campus during spring break and receive a refund of ASB program fees. Student participants should be in contact with their site leaders if they choose to opt out of the trip. 

As the trips are moving forward, the CCL will be working closely with student site leaders and participants to ensure that specific considerations are taken in regard to health and safety. Students who are unwell must prioritize their health and the health of others by not participating. As plans are finalized, student leaders must ensure that partners and site visits are reconsidered if they affect immuno-compromised and/or vulnerable populations. Visits to hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes are not recommended at this time. Students should also confirm accommodations and arrangements with community partners.

Morgan Kinney will monitor the situation and communicate changes with site leaders and participants.

LRME will continue as planned pending domestic travel advisories. Jessica Khalaf will monitor the situation and communicate changes with students and organizational partners.


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