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Program Additional Information

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Hone leadership skills including communication, strategic-planning, and facilitation
  • Further develop self-awareness of personal and professional competencies through reflection, feedback, and professional development planning
  • Further develop understanding of different modes of civic engagement and impact
  • Gain insight into the organizational and human resource functions of a professional office


  • Participation in at least one LEARN and ACT level program (or equivalent experience as determined by CCL staff)
  • Commitment to spending 50 hrs per semester working on CCL projects and tasks
  • Understanding of CCL values and a willingness to learn more about CCL programs, structure, and goals
  • Interest in, and commitment to, professional development and growth as a civic leader
  • Interest in, and commitment to, the growth and development of the CCL to better achieve its mission of fostering civic leadership


  • Compensated for work with hourly wage ($10/hr)
  • Opportunity to develop professional skills while working closely with CCL staff member(s)
  • Opportunity to work collaboratively with CCL staff and represent the Rice student body in CCL processes of program development, management, and decision-making
  • Opportunity to represent the CCL and its programs on campus and in the community

Supervisor Roles:

  • General Ambassador Supervisor (Morgan Kinney)
    • Provide accountability and support to all ambassadors for general CCL-related duties (i.e. tables at informational fairs, PDR workshops/meals, publicity, etc.)
    • Facilitate the agenda and priority setting of the cohort on general-CCL projects
  • Role-specific Supervisors
    • Communicate consistently (usually through a standing weekly meeting) with ambassadors to provide accountability for all role-specific duties
    • Support ambassadors in professional development goals
    • Include ambassadors when possible and appropriate in program processes and development (i.e. curriculum development, interview processes, piloting new ideas or events, etc.)
    • Type of involvement may vary by program and ambassador interest, but it is the program supervisor’s responsibility to be open and communicative about the opportunities for ambassador involvement

Ambassador Job Description

General : All ambassadors will work 50 hrs per semester which will include both general CCL tasks and program-specific roles. General tasks include:

  • Support and recruitment for CCL programs
    • Advertise through colleges and other appropriate mechanisms (social media, etc.)
    • Speak at info fairs and sessions as needed
    • Facilitate workshops as needed 
  • Collaborate with fellow ambassadors to organize and host regular events/outreach to spread awareness of CCL (i.e. PDR dinner, lunch table discussion, workshop on topic of interest, classroom or club outreach, etc.)
  • Organize (on a rotating basis) and attend bi-weekly ambassador cohort meetings 
    • Meetings will be both informational and workshop-style such that the cohort may have voice in shaping CCL programs and events as needed from CCL staff
    • Meetings will be at a mutually agreed-upon lunch time and will cycle through meeting spaces in PDRs and the CCL
  • Meet with LEARN level CCL students on an as-needed basis to provide one-on-one mentorship

Specialized Role Descriptions : In addition to the overall support and promotion of the CCL, each ambassador will take on a more specialized role suited to their experience, skills, and needs of the office. These roles fluctuate from year to year depending on the strengths of our ambassador cohort, individual ambassador’s professional development goals, and the needs of CCL programs, but an outline of potential roles are listed below with correlating staff members who would supervise each role. 

Please note: While specialized roles provide focus and direct mentorship/supervision, collaboration across the cohort is highly encouraged and every effort is made to provide each ambassador with the opportunities for growth they desire. If there are alternative roles or opportunities you seek through this program, please include your ideas in your application and we look forward to discussing them with you in an interview.

Specialized Roles

Alternative Spring Breaks - Morgan Kinney 


  • Provide feedback on curricular and programmatic adjustments
  • Work with the site leader cohort and Morgan to organize program-wide events and initiatives such as:
    • Recruitment & Selection (Sept-Oct)
    • Collaborative fundraising and/or advocacy (Nov-March)
    • Post-trip showcase/reorientation event (March-April)
  • Serve as a resource to site leaders and may help facilitate site leader class with CCL staff 

Required Experience/Interests:

  • Past ASB Site Leader
  • Invested in the mission of ASB and clear interest in program enhancement and self-growth


  • Leadership and mentorship of peers 
  • Facilitation experience
  • Program development experience
Capstone and Certificate – Capstone Instructor(s) & Certificate Advisor

This ambassador would draw on their own experience through the Certificate in Civic Leadership pipeline and the capstone course to support the current capstone cohort and the development of the certificate pipeline. Roles include:

  • Support certificate advisor in outreach and initial interest meetings for students interested in pursuing the Certificate in Civic Leadership 
  • Support capstone cohort through periodically attending class, office hours available for one on one meetings, giving feedback on project proposals, and other approaches as appropriate for the cohort’s needs and ambassador’s strengths/growth goals

Required Experience/Interests:

  • Completion of the Capstone course with intended completion of the Certificate in Civic Leadership program
  • Investment in the process and pipeline to Certificate in Civic Leadership


  • Mentorship of peers
  • Experience in initial advising and outreach for an academic certificate program 

Leadership Rice Mentorship Experience - Jessica Khalaf

Roles: This ambassador will work with CCL Staff on LRME program development, implementation, and publicity. More specifically the position requirements include, though are not limited to, the following elements: 

  • Help design and lead LRME workshops
  • Provide feedback on curricular and programmatic adjustments
  • Represent LRME at recruitment events and information sessions
  • Develop resources to better inform Rice community about LRME

Required Experience:

  • LRME experience 
  • Clear interest in advertising the LRME program


  • To gain experience in large-scale program development
  • to gain experience in representing a professional office to a broader community through both written and interpersonal communication 
  • To gain experience in conducting interviews and applicant selection
  • To give direct feedback on the program development and growth to the CCL staff
  • To see and learn the behind-the-scenes of securing internship opportunities and intern recruitment 
Learn Level Programs – Shaina Holm

Roles: This ambassador will work with multiple CCL staff who lead learn programs to plan and implement said programs with our community partners.  The ambassador will:  

  • Participate in Learn Level planning meetings with CCL Staff 
  • Assist in recruitment and marketing for learn level programs
  • Sit in on interviews for student-led Learn Level programs
  • Help facilitate training workshops for Houston-based Learn Level programs such as CCL Volunteers and Alternative Recess
  • Assist with Learn Level Student Advising   

Preferred Experience/Interests:

  • Must have participated in or acted as a site leader/coordinator for a Houston-based Learn Level program 


  • Program development experience
  • Outreach and marketing 
  • Facilitation 
  • Curriculum Building 
  • Depending on student interest and skill, other opportunities to engage broader CCL initiatives
Loewenstern Fellows - Fatima Raza


  • Devise and execute recruitment strategy
  • Organize and participate in the selection process (application review, interviews, etc)
  • Provide logistics support and serve as a mentor for Loewenstern Fellow cohort as they prepare for their summer abroad
  • Provide support in curricular development, research, and feedback 

Required Experience/Interests:

  • Past Loewenstern Fellow


  • Students in this position would gain skills in program development such as:
    • Event planning
    • Teaching/facilitation
    • Student recruitment
    • Conducting interview processes
    • Program assessment
Undergraduate Fellowships - Danika Brown 

Roles: This ambassador will work with CCL Staff to organize program wide events and initiatives, provide feedback on program development, and create products to advertise projects. Additional responsibilities include: 

  • Representing fellowships at recruitment events, such as the research opportunities fairs
  • Developing resources to better inform Rice community about undergraduate fellowships
  • Assisting in design and leading of informational workshops
  • Providing feedback on curricular and programmatic adjustments

Required Experience:

  • Past Fellowships experience (Note: you do not have to have won a fellowship to be considered)
  • Interest in advertising undergraduate fellowship opportunities 


  • To gain experience in large-scale program advertisement and the creation of  marketing materials
  • To gain experience in large-scale program coordination and organization
  • To give direct feedback on program development and growth to the CCL staff

Questions? E-mail Morgan Kinney, Staff Advisor of the CCL Ambassador Program, at


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