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Rice University Center for Civic Leadership

Undergraduate Conference Funding

Rice University Undergraduate Conference Grants 

The Center for Civic Leadership is accepting applications from individuals and teams for conference grants of up to $500 per person. 
*Current juniors and seniors (defined 3 and 4 years beyond year of matriculation, not by credit hours) who are attending a conference to present research or design (poster session or oral presentation)
*Preference given to students whose presentation has resulted from substantive, ongoing research
*Sophomore applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis
**Note, if you are part of Century Scholars or the Rice Undergraduate Scholars Program (RUSP) you are not eligible
Winners must agree to present research at RURS in April 
How to Apply
Compile first five documents as one pdf and send to BreAnna Harris (bjh9@rice.edu)
*Copy of abstract submitted to conference and letter of acceptance if already received
*300 word statement explaining relevance of conference to student's field of interest and personal and academic benefits
*Budget with other funding sources sought and received listed/receipts for those who have attended already
*Letter of support from faculty advisor (sent to bjh9@rice.edu)
In your statement:
  • Emphasize the value of the conference for your area of research 
  • Address the role that the research will play in your future career plans
  • Direct your language to an educated, but not specialized, audience (i.e.,avoid jargon or discipline-specific language)
Please contact bjh9@rice.edu if you have any questions.