Rice University

Rice University Center for Civic Leadership

Century Scholars Program

The University's goals of attracting superior undergraduates, fostering collaboration between students and professors, and sustaining a commitment to undergraduate education have culminated in a groundbreaking scholarship and mentoring program. The Rice University Century Scholars program matches select incoming freshmen with faculty mentors for a two year period. During that time the student and mentor collaborate on one of the mentor's research projects. In addition to the research opportunity, select students receive a two-year merit scholarship and a research stipend.

Introduced during the 2000-2001 academic year, this unique opportunity is one that is found at few other universities. Other than establishing a close relationship with an academic mentor, students also have the option of participating in exciting research endeavors. For example, the program has seen participants spend 6 weeks at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory studying physics while many others have accompanied their mentors to international conferences.

Just imagine what you can do.


Contact: Dr. Alan Steinberg (steinberg@rice.edu)