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Houston Centered Policy Challenge

The Houston Centered Policy Challenge (HCPC) is an annual policy competition that enables Rice students to learn about and respond to a policy issue facing Houston leaders and residents.  Participants work together in teams, learn about the policy issue through independent research and interaction with campus and community experts, and present creative, community-focused policy solutions to a panel of city and community leaders. 

This year’s policy challenge is AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN HOUSTON.

Teams will engage this issue through one of five policy prompts, or they may propose their own.

Participating teams will:

  • Learn how to approach policy issues with community interests in mind
  • Select from a variety of policy prompts that address affordable housing from a range of perspectives and encourage multidisciplinary student participation
  • Learn about affordable housing needs, challenges, and opportunities in Houston from community stakeholders and leaders
  • Have opportunities to visit target neighborhoods where affordable housing needs are highest
  • Receive individual team feedback and advising from HCPC student leaders and staff from the Center for Civic Leadership
  • Use academic knowledge and skills to address a pressing community challenge in Houston  
  • Pitch their policy proposals to a panel of expert judges and compete for cash prizes

Students from all disciplines are invited to sign up in teams of two or more.  

Students interested in participating who are seeking potential teammates will have opportunities to meet other interested students at the information sessions as well as at the prompt release event on October 23, 2018.

Sign up here:

Team Sign Up Deadline: November 7, 2018 

HCPC Pitch Competition:  February 21, 2019

 Visit @hcpchallenge on Facebook or email hcpchallenge@gmail.com for more information