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Rice University Center for Civic Leadership

Alternative Break: Beyond the Sallyport

Civic Leadership Competencies: Values, Beliefs, and Assumptions, Reflection, Diversity of Communities and Cultures

Alternative Break: Beyond the Sallyport combines the Houston-based focus of the Center for Civic Leadership's Urban Immersion program with the social issue focus of the Alternative Spring Break program.  Over the course of the Rice fall and spring recess periods, site leaders and participants will engage in education, critical service and reflection to gain a deeper understanding of a social issue and its impact on Houstonians.  

The Sallyport, an iconic stone archway on the Rice campus that serves as the entry point for freshmen during the annual matriculation ceremony, has become synonymous with the Rice experience. Beyond the Sallyport encourages students to move past their collective comfort zone, redefine community, and claim their place in Houston's future.

Date Held:  Rice University Fall and Spring Recess periods

  • Spring 2018: Thursday, February 8th - Saturday, February 10th 

Program Outline:  

  • Thursday, 2/8 -  Dinner and Program Orientation  
  • Friday, 2/9 - Education, service and reflection off-campus with community partners 
  • Saturday, 2/10 - Education, service and reflection off-campus with community partners, program conclusion  

Funding: The CCL covers all costs.  

Contact:   Shawn Reagan, shawn.reagan@rice.edu / 713-348-2164