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The Arthur and Shelley Gottschalk Traveling Grant for Musicians

The Arthur and Shelley Gottschalk Traveling Grant for Musicians

This grant will award up to $2000 to one music student, currently enrolled in Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music at the time of making the application, and for a time no longer than one year from the date of notification of the award. The purpose of the grant is to enable travel by the student. However, travel is not to be used for purpose of taking lessons, attending festivals, or attending classes. Rather, this travel is to encourage the creative development of the student by engaging with places and opportunities outside the academic norm. The grant will be awarded to the proposal that strikes the jury as the most intriguing and unique, as well as possible under the fiscal limits of the grant.

Deadline: Sunday, March 1, 2020 by 11:59pm for use within 1 year of receiving the award 

Funding Available: $2,000 

Where you can study/travel: Domestic or international as long as the proposed budget is feasible. 

Who is eligible: Returning undergraduate students

How to apply:

Applications are accepted through Apply Now. (Instructions on how to use the application system can be found here.) Select the Gottschalk option under "Awards and Opportunities."

  • 2-3 page essay that answers "Where would you like to travel, what would you like to do, and why?"  The essay should address the applicant’s personal motivations to explore the chosen topic, and outline a proposed travel itinerary. Creative applications are encouraged and may include relevant portfolios or documents. 
  • Budget proposal

Selection Process: Interview with a faculty committee.