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Goliard Scholarship

The Goliard Scholarship offers students the opportunity for short-term, purposeful travel experiences abroad.

Please note that the application process for the Goliard and Brotzen Scholarship is administered together. Students applying to the Goliard are also considered for the Brotzen.

Applicants to the Goliard Scholarship should propose an independent trip abroad to explore a topic of their choice. (There is no limitation to the topic. Previous scholars have explored subjects as varied as food, sports, music, art, dance, etc). The purpose of travel does not have to relate to the student's academic coursework or career path. Past recipients' travels have included exploring French wine culture, hanging out with Argentinian penguins, and hot air ballooning around Western Europe. 

The goal of this fellowship is to promote experiential learning outside the classroom through unique and purposeful travel experiences outside of the United States, and to encourage international understanding. It is not a research-driven enterprise, but focused solely on the student's personal growth and exposure to new experiences.

The scholarship is meant to lessen the financial burden of travel and can be used to cover incidental travel items (early-morning coffee or tea or newspapers, for example) or one specific venture (say, a wintertime tour of Siberian vodka distilleries).

Deadline: March 3rd, 2019 for travel during Summer 2019 

Funding Available: $2,500 

Where you can study/travel: Global options. Proposed trips should be a minimum of 1 week, but no longer than 2 weeks, and must be outside of the United States.

Who is eligible: Returning undergraduate students

How to apply:

Applications are accepted through Apply Now. (Instructions on how to use the application system can be found here.) Select Goliard/Brotzen under "Awards and Opportunities."

  • 2-3 page essay that answers "Where would you like to travel, what would you like to do, and why?"  Essay should address applicant’s personal motivations to explore chosen topic, and outline a proposed travel itinerary. Creative applications are encouraged, and may include relevant portfolios or documents. You can read previous scholars' applications here.
  • Budget proposal
  • Note: The application strictly excludes a transcript or letter of recommendation. The system will ask for a transcript; please upload a blank document instead. 

Selection Process: Interview with faculty committee.

Resources: Goliard/Brotzen slideshow presentation