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If you would like to apply for a Rice nominated fellowship(s), click here, and complete page one of the application. At the bottom of the form, check off the fellowship(s) that you wish to apply for. In addition to providing basic information, you will be asked to upload a picture (.jpeg), transcript, and resume (both in .pdf). All of this information will be stored on the site and reused for future applications through the CCL. You will not need to fill out the form again. After you submit the basic information, you will be taken to a page that allows you to upload the names and email addresses of your recommenders and the required forms, essays, and/or budgets as one .pdf. You will also receive an email link to this page so that you can return and upload the information at a later date.

Click here to read an article from US News about the value of fellowships. 

To see previous applications and obtain more detailed information, visit our joinable Owlspace page, CCL. If you have any questions or would like to talk about your applications, please email us at ccl@rice.edu.

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Go to ccl.rice.edu/application/

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Please contact Rice IT to reactivate your Rice account. 

Tips for Writing Recommendation Letters