Rice University

Rice University Center for Civic Leadership

Past Rich Recipients

Spring 2015

  1. Kelsey Walker-CCL Capstone Project with Metro-$2985
  2. Daniel Cortez-CCL Capstone Project with Mi Familia Vota-$2439
  3. Kelly Windham-CCL Urban Immersion Program-$11,190
  4. Thasha Uche-CCL RSVP Think Tank-$14,700
  5. Tom Kim-partnering with Goodwill Industries-$5820
  6. Geoffrey Winningham-photography project with elementary school students-$12,000
  7. Denise Lee-partnering with Prologue Food Co-$1440
  8. Yehuda Sharim-partnering with Firelight Foundation for Houston Refugee Voices project-$15,540
  9. Libby Vann-CCL HART Texas Slave Descendants project-$12,000
  10. Anne Wells-partnering with Amigos de las Americas and EWB-$8800


Fall 2015

  1. Bridget Schilling-CCL Capstone Project with Pleasant Hill Leadership Institute-$1315.20
  2. Dani Maldonado-CCL Capstone Project with Pleasant Hill Leadership Institute-$1050
  3. Melissa Kik-Best Buddies-$2580
  4. Catherine Levins-Rice Splash-$500
  5. Olivia Aguilar-Global Medical Brigades-$2650
  6. Linda Park-CCL Capstone Project with IDEA Relief-$400
  7. Yehuda Sharim- partnering with Firelight Foundation for Communities in Motion project-$9,500


Spring 2016

  1. Blaque Robinson-Channeling Passion into Action Conference-$5,000
  2. Peter Yun-CCL Urban Immersion-$12,920
  3. Madhuri Venkateswar-Mobility Houston Public Policy Competition with Glasshouse Policy-$1850
  4. Alan Steinberg-CCL’s HART Program with SEHTA Health Impact Assessment-$8800
  5. Michael Robinson-Speaker Series on Trans Issues-$300
  6. Lelia Wahab-Rice Empower’s STEM Expo-$2200
  7. Carolyn Nichol and Carrie Obenland Owens- Rice STEM Outreach-$5300
  8. Angie Razo-Immigration Film Series-$1500
  9. Martin Rather-Rather Prize Development Team-$5200
  10. Alexander Amari-Project 120-$1500
  11. Alexandra Du-Solar Decathlon-$5,000


Fall 2016

  1. Catherine Levins-Rice SPLASH-$1,000
  2. Michelle Tran-Culture of Health-$1,415
  3. Leila Wahab-Rice Empower-$2,215
  4. Caroline Bingham-New Hope Housing-$4,290
  5. Martin Rather-The Rather Prize-up to $1,980
  6. Ajay Subramanian-Rice Catalyst-$3,900
  7. Yehuda Sharim-Houston in Motion-$7,500
  8. Margaret Wickerson-Kickin Violence-$3,000
  9. Raymond Cano-Design for America-$850
  10. Misha Carthen-PAIR-$5,000
  11. Camila Kennedy-Fe Y Justicia Worker Center-$423