Rice University

Rice University Center for Civic Leadership

Grant Reporting Guidelines

Receipients of the Rich Family Endowment must comply with the following terms and agreements.

  1. Grant Funds Disbursement. There are five methods to access the awarded funds:

    1. Recipients may use the Center for Civic Leadership’s credit card. A request must be made at least two days in advance, and the original itemized receipt must be submitted to the CCL.
    2. Recipients may submit an invoice to the CCL to be paid by check, do note that checks take approximately two weeks to process.
    3. Recipients may request reimbursement for purchases made, do note that checks take approximately two weeks to process. Recipients must submit the original itemized receipt along with name, student/staff ID number, and project title.
    4. Recipients may request to have funds transferred to a campus account by Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT).
    5. Recipients may receive funding for living expenses/transportation, which will be issued as a taxable


Please note:

The University does not reimburse for Texas sales tax. Tax exemption forms can be printed from the Rice University web site (http://www.payment.rice.edu/otherpages/sales_tax_form.pdf) and MUST be used for EVERY purchase within the state of Texas.


  1. Grant Project Deliverables. The Grant Recipient is expected to use the Rich Family Endowment Funds for the grant project as outlined in the proposal. Any changes to the scope or direction of the project as described in the proposal must be submitted to the Center for Civic Leadership in writing and approved by the Rich Family Endowment Committee. Expenditures that are not consistent with the original proposal or approved revisions to that proposal will not be funded or reimbursed.


Grant Recipients are expected to submit the following items through the links below.

  1. Within two weeks of the grant notification, a detailed summary of the project to the Hershel Rich Family. 
  2. Within two weeks of the conclusion of the project, an outcome assessment


  1. Acknowledgement. Grant Recipients shall acknowledge the Rich Family Endowment funding support in any written materials regarding the Grant Project.