Rice University

Rice University Center for Civic Leadership

Civic Leadership Capstone: UNIV 402 and UNIV 403

UNIV 402 (3 credits) is required of students completing the Certificate in Civic Leadership. UNIV 402, offered each fall semester, prepares students to complete high-level, independent, community-based projects and enhances students’ inclination and capacity to lead in a variety of community settings. 

Students in UNIV 402 will move through three main stages in the development of their project proposal: (1) naming and framing the issue that their project will address; (2) defining a specific community need (and a specific location) that the project will target; (3) designing a creative, realistic, and appropriate plan to the to meet the community need. Students will be responsible for drafting relevant portions of their proposal during each of these stages.

UNIV 403 is an independent course that requires students to implement their projects under the supervision of a faculty advisor. In addition the project, each student must complete the following requirements:

  • complete their proposed project during the following spring or summer;
  • present at Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium (RURS) or similar opportunity;
  • submit a final reflection paper synthesizing their leadership experience, project, and future career, personal, and academic goals.

How do I move from UNIV 402 to UNIV 403 and implement my project proposal? 

Before the end of the semester, students will submit their completed proposal to the UNIV 402 course instructor, a committee of CCL staff, the student’s chosen faculty advisor, and a designated representative from the project’s community partner for approval. Students whose proposals are approved by all parties listed above will be invited to apply for an additional 3-credit project course for project completion in the spring, summer, or fall, following UNIV 402. 

Project Funding 
Students may be able to apply to the CCL for project funding. CCL funding may be used for costs specific to developing and implementing a capstone project including, project supplies and materials, printing costs, and in some cases transportation. Through the UNIV 402 course students will be guided through the CCL funding application process. Students who propose projects with budgets exceeding the CCL funding are free to apply for additional external funding or raise additional funds on their own in order to meet their project budget needs.