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Morty Rich Scholarship

Morty Rich Scholarship

The Morty Rich Scholarship recognizes a continuing student who has distinguished himself/herself through commitment and service to Rice or to the greater community. The successful candidates will have recognized a need in the community, developed objectives and implemented or established programs that would benefit the community and will realize no personal gain for these efforts. Graduating seniors are not eligible for this award.

Record of Community Service:

Please list the service activities/service organizations that you are actively engaged with. Include details about projects, service hours per week and total service club membership (number of semesters you’ve been engaged) for each activity/organization.

Essay:Please include your name, the date you are submitting your application, and graduation month/year on three separte lines (aligned right) in the header

In 500-1000 words address the following:

  1. Your experience with civic engagement (on campus and/or off campus)
  2. Your development, in a sense of civic identity, through your experiences (through growth with an organization or social issue, regular volunteer service, etc.)
  3. Your future commitment to public action

Applications are due March 26th at 11:59pm.

Applications will be evaluated based on essay content and calibur as related to the prompt, record of community service, and adhererance to the application instructions. Letters of support will not be considred. 

To Apply:

  • Click APPLY NOW and sign in with your Net ID to complete the general application form (if you have been in the CCL system before, be sure to update all sections) & click on #60 for the Morty Rich Scholarship in the Awards / Opportunities Section
  • E-Sign & submit the general application form
  • Upload your record of community service & essay as a PDF on final page of application
  • Contact Shaina Holm (sh81@rice.edu) with any questions or concerns regarding the the application process