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Civic Leadership Competencies: Strengths, Goal Setting, Diversity of Communities and Cultures

***NEW FOR 2017: The GIS Program is being renamed to International Research & Service Break (IRSB). The IRSB program is looking for trips that create a connection between an academic course or co-curricular experience and students' service experience abroad.   
Ideal trip proposals:
  • will allow undergraduate students to draw upon an academic course or co-curricular experience;
  • build upon course work or a project;
  • work directly with a community partner to conduct a service or civic research project; and,
  • provide for a minimum of two weeks abroad with three to 12 students.
The focus for these trips will be on service or civic reseach and build off of a project or topic covered in an academic course. For example, five Engineering 120 students developed a window prototype for school houses in Nicaragua. As their summer 2016 GIS trip, the students went to Nicaragua to evaluate the windows and get feedback from students, parents, and teachers. 

If you are an undergraduate, faculty, or staff and have an idea for a Summer 2017 International Research & Service Break trip, please contact the CCL.

Priority will be given to students who wish to lead a International Research & Service Break trip that meets the new 2017 focus (listed above) and apply in pairs. Students can choose to work with organizations on the CCL's list of Approved Third Party Providers and new organizations will also be considered. See the "International Research & Service Break Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" for restrictions on project parameters. Trips must be a minimum of two weeks long and must depart in May or June 2017. A group trip must have a minimum of three people. Trips with more than 12 participants are encouraged to have a faculty or staff representative.   

Registered student clubs interested in conducting an international service or civic engagement project must apply through the process described below.    

The CCL looks favorably upon trip proposals that are linked to an academic course or a co-curricular initiative.

Funding:  International Research & Service Break are funded through student fees, fundraising and the CCL.  Scholarships are available for site leaders and participants.

Want to Learn More?

Contact ccl@rice.edu.