Rice University

Rice University Center for Civic Leadership

RURS 2016

Congratulations to all the 2016 Winners!

School of Social Sciences:

First Prize (Three-way tie)

Team of Tiffany Tang and Melanie Zook

Team of Derek Holliday and Benjamin Hamm Conard

Cristell Perez

Second Prize (two-way tie):

Selina Baeza Loya

Timothy Chang

Third Prize: Megan Lewis

School of Natural Sciences:

Top Three Prizes (not ranked):

Charles-Etienne Sauve

Grant Stec

Team of Charlene Thomas and Zelun Wang


School of Engineering

Engineering Solo Project (3-way tie):

David Yalacki

Steven Schepanski

Team of Tejus Satish and Kathleen Francis

Engineering Group Project  

Team of Erin Anderson, Ronal Infante, Lisa Sampson, and Corin Peterson


School of Humanities:

First Prize: Edna Otuomagie

Second Prize: Susannah Wright

Third Prize: Rachel Landsman

Humanities Research Center: Edna Otuomagie

Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences Prize: Team of Sally-Hodges Copple, Emily Jacobsen and Lucy Matveeva

Chao Center for Asian Studies Prize: Kira Clingen

Rice 360 Institute for Global Health Technologies Award: Team of Haley Hepler, Rishu Harpavat and Hiren Patel

Shell Center for Sustainability Awards:

First prize: Rebecca Mather

Second Prize: Elaine Shen

Third Prize: Team of Sally Hodges-Copple, Emily Jacobson, Lucy Matveeva

Baker Institute: Kelly MacKenzie

Center for Civic Leadership Prize: Team of Sally Hodges-Copple, Emily Jacobson and Lucy Matveeva

Student Choice Award: team of Xin Huang, Stephen Xia, Thomas Liu, and Yuan Gao

Rice Neuroscience Prize:

First Prize: Team of Xin Huang, Stephen Xia, Thomas Liu, and Yuan Gao,

Second Prize: Bairavi Shankar

Third Prize (tie): Neeti Mehta; team of Nathaniel Forrester, Leah Ramkelawan, Charis Wang, Erik Yamada; Charles-Etienne Sauve

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Prize: Nathanael Assefa

Baylor College of Medicine EMS Award:

First Prize: Ryan Pappal

Second Prize: team of Jessica Sheu and Emily Huang