Rice University

Rice University Center for Civic Leadership

RURS 2014

Congratulations to all the 2014 Winners! 

School of Humanities 

  1. Brooke Bullock
  2. Team of Zainab Shipchandler and Julika Kaplan 
  3. Thomas Carroll

Top 3 for the School of Engineering  

  1. Ravi Sheth
  2. Peter Washington
  3. Gabrien Clark

Best group project for the School of Engineering

Team of Joshua Chartier, Hasitha Dharmasiri, Kiefer Forseth, Andrew Jones, Thomas Ladd

School of Natural Sciences 

  1. Anne Wells
  2. Moez Dawood
  3. Tie between Peter Cabeceiras and Aaroh Parikh

Top 3 for the School of Social Sciences 

  1. Sarah Brooks
  2. Anjali Raghuram
  3. Jonika Tannous

Jenessa Shapiro Student Choice Award

  1. Joshua Soucie
  2. Brian Cera
  3. Steven Rich

Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy Prize

Team of Ana Builes, Shaan Patel, Nicholas Petersen

The Baylor College of Medicine Collaborative Research Group Award

Ibrahim Akbar

Center for Civic Leadership Prize

Team of Ana Builes, Shaan Patel, Nicholas Petersen

Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication Prize

Team of Zainab Shipchandler and Julika Kaplan 

Center for the Study of Environment and Society Prize 

Nick Thorpe

Chao Center for Asian Studies Prize

Bo Kim

Humanities Research Center Prize

Brooke Bullock

Institutes of Biosciences and Bioengineering Prize for Translational Research in Biosciences and Bioengineering Prize

Anne Wells

K2I Prizes

  1. Joshua Chartier
  2. Hasitha Dharmasiri
  3. Kiefer Forseth
  4. Andrew Jones
  5. Thomas Ladd
  6. Blaine Rister 
  7. Daniel Volz
  8. Daniel Reiter 
  9. Heija Zhang
  10. Philip Taffet

Rice Space Institute Prize

Benjamin Lewis

Rice 360Institute for Global Health Technologies Award

Team of Joao Ascenscao, Truce Pham, Mariam Hussein, Carlos Carames

The Shell Center for Sustainability Awards

  1. Tierra Moore
  2. Shayak Sengupta
  3. Lun Li

The Smalley Institute Prize for Nanotechnology

  1. Nicole Moody
  2. Iyza Baig
  3. Benjamin Zhang

The Rice Neuroscience Awards

  1. Rohit Ready 
  2. Abigail Wright 
  3. Daniel Connolly