The Center for Civic Leadership Staff and Peer Ambassadors provide student advising across all program levels. The CCL assists students in developing civic skills and reflective capacities through one on one meetings, structured reflection curricula, and cohort activities. In addition to the program specific advising that staff and student leaders provide, there are several formal advising resources. 

Learn Level Advising
If you are new to the CCL or want to discover ways to be involved with civic engagement opportunities at Rice, Learn Level Advising is available. Make an appointment to meet with Shawn Reagan (email:, phone: 713-348-2164, or RMC 216A) to find out what advising resources are available. 

Certificate Advising
If you are considering pursuing a Certificate in Civic Leadership, you will meet with Fatima Raza (, 713-348-2205, or RMC 209) to discuss the process of applying and to determine what requirements you have met or need to meet. 

Fellowship Advising
The CCL offers advising and guidance on applying for nominations for many nationally competitive fellowships and Rice internal fellowships and awards. Meet with a CCL staff member to identify fellowships for which you are eligible. The process of applying for fellowships often enables students to identify new career and post-graduate paths. Advisers will work with you to understand and frame your experiences and future goals for competitive application essays. Contact Danika Brown (, 713-348-4785), Jessica Khalaf (, 713-348-4725) or Fatima Raza (, 713-348-2205) for additional information.