Abraham - Broad Exchange

The Abraham-Broad Exchange Program (formerly known as the C.D. Broad) provides the opportunity to study abroad for an academic year in the UK. The program supports an exchange between students at Rice University and Trinity College, University of Cambridge. 

CCL Staff with Abraham-Broad Winners

Beata Loch, Brett Gutstein, Tomas Arango, Caroline Quenemoen, Nancy Abraham, Jean Khalifa, Leyla Hepsaydir, Lindsay Buchana, Danika Burgess-Brown

Deadline: The 2021-22 Rice candidate has been awarded on deferral of the 2020-21 cycle.

Funding Available: Tuition coverage and stipend provided

Where you can study/travel: Trinity College, University of Cambridge

Who is eligible: Applicants are required to return to Rice for the full academic year following the exchange. Returning undergraduate students, preferably a sophomore who will participate in the exchange during their junior year, are eligible to apply. 

How to apply:

  • 2-3 single-spaced page statement explaining your academic and personal reasons for wishing to study at Cambridge
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Resume

Selection Process: Interview with the faculty committee

Contact: Dr. Danika Burgess Brown, Director of Curriculum and Fellowships, danika@rice.edu